David Mair

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The Timer Games (1988) were a series of games all built around an inexpensive triangle shaped timer.

•In the "Clock Chase",  the player has to stay ahead of the sweep hand attached to the timer by rolling the next color and moving his/her playing piece

•In "Spell Fast" the player starts the game with 6 tiles.  The player must then try to spell a word with those tiles or add more letters as fast as he/she can.  The score is calculated by multiplying the letters in the word times the timer’s score.

•In "Maze Race" the player has to complete a ball puzzle one number at a time.  Once the player completes the “1”, he/she stops the timer and records his/her score.  Next, he/she completes the “2”, and so on​. The final scores are compared and the winner is the one with the highest score.

•In "Mime Time" players act out a three part charade, each part taken from a different color-coded pile