Swiggle Hints

David Mair

​●The tiles in your rack are organized from highest to lowest value, right to left.
●Look at all the bonus squares you can reach on your turn and use the one that makes the highest score.
●Try at the start, using your tiles in a straight line in any direction to reach one of the 4 bonus square.
●To start, consider playing the Swiggle Bot, [the single player mode], to sharpen your playing skills. Warning he does have the 2X and uses it.
●Use the peek to plan a move or two ahead. Not only do you see what you’ll get, but what your opponent will get.
●There are exceptions, but in general, save your 7's and 8’s for the highest valued bonus squares.
●Wait for a score of at least 55-60 points before using your 2X.
●Play defensively; don't give your opponent access to too many bonus squares to use on their next turn.
●If you have a lead, try playing tiles to cut off parts of the board. Shorter game, but you should win.
●With 12 or less tiles left in the pile, play any 4-exit tiles ASAP so you don’t get stuck with them.
●In “Peek”, if the bottom right tile is an 8, if you play only 2 tiles on your turn, the 8 is yours on your next draw.
●You can win on the first play, you need 3 elbows and the start is the correct elbow. Boring win!
​●Average score per play for a 700 score is 50 points. 45 per turn usually wins.