David Mair

The Restaurant Games (1998) was sold to Irwin Toys in Canada​ with the idea of using them as games that could be sold to various restaurants and fast food chains. The customers, while waiting for their food, would play with them at the tables, and could purchase them too.  Models were made and the project was dropped, and a short time later Irwin went out of business. The series had four different items: 

1. a slide puzzle that could be changed to 3 different sides making 3 different puzzles.

2. a Food Flip game where a dial was turned to indicate what meals on a plate went in what location, and then the player would flip       the discs with his/her finger tips to make that happen.

3. a kaleidoscope game where one of two images on a slide (foods or desserts) was slid in place and the barrel was turned to one of       3 color coded areas in an attempt to match an image printed on the back of the card.

​4. a Finger Foods game where the player would try to find the matching images without looking and using only the finger tips.