David Mair

Synopsis of Remote Control

The sound of birds is heard within the theater as the audience is seated. A short 2 minute video is projected on a drop down screen that continues the bird sounds and then Bob Dylan’s “Things Have Changed”.  The video serves to introduce the main character, setting, and the concept of the video as part of the play. In the video we see John, a doctor, returning home from work in his car. He arrives at the house and as he opens the front door to enter the house, the video stops and the action of stage begins with him entering the house. His wife, Margo, is preparing for an evening of Bridge with another couple. We soon become aware that John has discovered a remote control with rare powers. By pressing the right buttons, he is able to freeze the action on stage while remaining animate himself, and talking directly to the audience.  During the course of the evening, the concept of the control over one’s life and the lives of others is explored.  John is struggling with what important in his life, and is having the proverbial “mid-life crisis”.  He is nostalgic for the days spent with his children.  He is increasingly impatient with the trivial things in life.  He doesn’t want to waste precious time on things that hold no meaning to him.  He presses his wife and guests to think about their lives by asking them to talk about a “pivotal moment” in their lives, a moment when the course of their life was changed for better or worse. The discussion leads to unexpected consequences, and the idea that being in control is accompanied by responsibilities for the people and events one can control is explored.  Without intending to, he has created a pivotal moment for them all.  As the audience leaves the theater, “Things Have Changed” is heard once again, and at least for the characters in the play, things will never be quite the same again.  Hopefully, as a witness to this play, the audience may find that the insights gained will have changed the way they look at their own lives. 

​© 2015 David Mair

Remote Control (Started 2003)​  The play started with the idea of breaking down the 4th wall in theater, the invisible wall between the players and the audience.  Where periodically throughout the play, the action freezes and one player steps forward to address the audience. The other theme I explore is the concept of of "pivotal moments" in one's life. [read Synopsis below] I have been making changes and revisions for many years and I'm continuing to try and find a venue for the play.