David Mair

​Goin' Nuts (January-1997)  The original idea, presented by Bill Van Orden, involved squirrel puppets, nuts, and a tree stump.  From there, the idea evolved into a plastic tree where squirrels shot nuts up into the treetop.  The nuts would then cascade down the inside of the tree and stick out through colored knots on the tree.  If the ball color matched the color around the tree knot, the player left it in place.  If the ball didn’t match, then the player pressed it back into the tree where it would fall down to another knot hole or out the bottom.  Once the ball came out the bottom, it could then be picked up by a player, put into the branch holes on the side of the tree, and shot back up into the treetop.  The  first player to fill all four of his/her colored knots was the winner.​